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A Must See For GG Fans 2013-1-6 22:22:57

High society and low blows are back as Gossip Girl DVD, a one-hour drama about the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite, returns for its much-anticipated final season. Season Three ended with a BANG!Here are Q&A session for Gossip Girl DVD fans:
What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Jack meeting Georgina. I wish these two had met sooner, their banter alone could've made a spinoff. Favorite scene was the flash forward. They used "You Got The Love" from the Sex and the City finale and that automatically gets me emotional. It was perfect to see everyone in a good place.

Were you surprised to find out the identity of Gossip Girl?
Yes! I guess the signs were there.But we are happy to watch Blair and Chuck get married in the end.Chuck and Blair could never be boring.

Chuck and Blair got married and had a Mini-Bass. What was your favorite Chair moment?
The proposal.Loved their old Hollywood kiss at Bethesda Fountain. However, the best was when Dorota said to Henry, look who it is and he screamed "Daddy" and jumped into Chuck's arms. That made me melt. Then when he was talking to Cyrus, he was looking at Blair adoringly. I wanted more of the Bass family!

In the flash forward, we learned that Serena and Dan were tying the knot. It's about time or big mistake?
What mistake? Serena's goal in life was to get married, and of course she ended up with the one person who was more obsessed with her than herself.

Now listen "Don't matter" from Akon and Share your thoughts on Gossip Girl DVD.

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