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Is Doctor Who a cup of your tea 2012-12-3 2:08:33

If you're looking for allegorical, intriguing science fiction, this isn't it. If you're OK with rapid-fire, light-hearted dialogue with an occasional dig at politics and culture, this Doctor Who DVD is your cup of tea.
And here is a big news for you:Some Whovians have been struggling to occupy their time until the Doctor Who DVD Christmas Special airs next month. If you happen to be one of them, the BBC might just be able to help. As part of BBC One’s Children in Need 2012 fundraising campaign, they’ve released “Doctor Who: The Great Detective,” a mini prequel to the upcoming Christmas Special; as well as the official trailer for the actual Christmas Special, titled “The Snowmen.”
Well,Neil Gaiman returns to Doctor Who DVD.What story will he bring into season 7?
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