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Glee Make Me Exciting 2011-6-14 20:35:18

There are so many interesting TV show in the world. Glee is a famous American musical which has attracted millions of viewers up to now. There is some information in season one which was responsible for starting the momentum which has led to the Glee series TV show becoming one of the most popular current programmers on American TV.
From my point of view, the second season is so exciting. The second season took the existing club onto regional and national competitions as the pressure builds on the different relationships between the main characters. Some of the actors responsible for bringing the main characters to life have now become well known in their own rights and seem likely to go on to have major Hollywood careers once their time in the show comes to an end. The Glee series show throughout the second season has attracted viewing figures of around 11-12 million having built up to this total by the end of the first season and remained their consistently since. It appears that good press and public word of mouth helped the show to rise from initial figures of around 7 million US viewers for the first few episodes up to where it finished by the end of that season, at episode 22. This popularity is also matched with an extensive list of awards that the show has already received with many expected for future episodes and series. If you want to know more information of the show, you can buy the DVD watch it at home. And the more you watch it the more you will like it.

There is no doubt that Glee has very quickly become one of the most talked about and enjoyed TV shows across all American TV networks. I like Glee TV show very much, I was deeply attracted by the interesting parts. I’d like to recommend it to you, I’m sure you will never regret watching this show.

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